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One of the CITI K-12 grantees recently had a Robotics Fair to highlight the progress they made during the grant period. The report on this Fair and some photos are below. Congratulations Holyoke!

Robotics Fair at Holyoke Community College

The Robotics, Design and Collaborative Learning with Information Technology Project, a CITI funded professional development workshop offered through the collaborative efforts of the Educational Technology program at UMass, Amherst and Holyoke Community College, held a robotics fair on Saturday May, 6, 2006. The fair was the culminating activity for teachers and students involved in the project. Twelve teachers from throughout the pioneer valley attended the fair with thirty of their students. These teachers and students spent the last four months learning about and developing robotics projects.

Students invented creative projects, from an amusement park, replete with automated rides such as a bumper car and a tilt-o-whirl, to robotic farm equipment featuring a robotic arm that could lift an object and move it to the appropriate bin. Students created dancing robots and singing robots. The highlight of the fair for many was the sumobot competition. The aim of this competition is for one robot to push the other robot off of the playing field. Seven schools had an entry in this competition. Several rounds of spirited competition took place and a grand winner was eventually crowned. The fair was attended by over 100 interested family and community members.



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