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K-12: Overview

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's technology-infused world.

In 2004 our funding switched to cover K-20 and bring the concepts that have been so successful in higher education to K-12. In approaching ITAC in the school context, we have the following two goals:

Pipeline – To create a broad exposure to technology and technology-related career possibilities. It is especially important to reach student groups currently under represented in technology and computer science fields.

Technology Fluency – Realizing the world is evolving into a place where technology skills and understand are necessary for all jobs and functioning in society, beginning the process of building those skills at the K-12 level is crucial.

We want to integrate technology throughout the K-12 curriculum and produce graduates fluent in technology, impact existing teacher licensure and student testing standards to reflect technology as “the new fundamental”.

In the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 we held two Wingspread conferences that brought together educators, higher education and educational organizations to discuss common directions and issues surrounding IT fluency in the schools.



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