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Higher Ed: Overview

"We want to integrate technology throughout the K-12 curriculum and produce graduates fluent in technology..."

CITI’s founding was prompted by concerns over the state of computer science education at public higher education institutions in Massachusetts.  At the same time there was a movement at several institutions to find a way to develop IT fluency in students outside the computer science departments.  This resulted in the original four goals of CITI:

  • Build an Information Technology-Fluent Workforce

  • Increase the Use and Integration of Information Technology by Educators

  • Strengthening Information Technology Curriculum in Public Higher Education

  • Build Regional Collaboration to Strengthen IT Education

This resulted in grants to train CIS faculty and improve curriculum, grants to develop IT Across the Curriculum (ITAC) courses, conferences to bring together educators and industry and partnerships across regions and the state.

The 2005 grants focused on further developing ITAC programs by institutionalizing them and building partnerships between institutions.  Though CIS education was not funded during this round of grants, the dialogue has continued through conferences and partnerships.

Moving forward, CITI has the following goals:

  • Have ITAC programs available to all public higher education students and produce graduates with technology fluency and skills relevant to their chosen field.

  • Improve Computer Science curricula and recruitment to meet industry needs and reflect the diverse population of Massachusetts.

Throughout the fall of 2006 we will be soliciting input on the next round of grants, which will focus on reinvisioning computing education and further advancing ITAC programs.

The Higher Education Advisory Group has been vital in shaping the grants and goals of CITI in this area.



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