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About CITI: Overview

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's technology-infused world.

What CITI Does

Partnerships - Through our state network, conferences and collaborative spaces, we build teams of similar interests to work together to broaden programs, develop new ideas and impliment CITI’s vision within the schools and colleges in Massachusetts. Two significant spinoffs of CITI are the Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education (CAITE) and the Boston Area Advanced Technological Education Center (BATEC). Please visit their sites for the latest information about continuing work.

Leadership - Our broad network brings in feedback from all levels of education and works with our growing base of research and resource to develop challenging questions on future directions and initiatives for IT education in Massachusetts.

Research and Resource - Working together with our partners we identify gaps in the information necessary to speed the growth of IT education and compile (or commission) research to provide this information. Our website is a constantly growing resource of information and contacts to enable partnerships and enhanced understanding of this subject area.

Grants - At this moment our current funding cycle is finished, and we are unsure if or when we will be able to issue another RFP.


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